What comes with the Fundamentals App?

In designing our software solution for nonprofits and governments the Team at Tangicloud asked our customers, prospects and team members a key question: “What are all the features that all nonprofits or governments need?” From that question came a wealth of ideas some of which ended up in the base product, Fundamentals, and some of which became “advanced apps” – additional functionality that not every organization needs.

Here are some of the common business issues we have heard and incorporated into our feature set:

Here is a list of the main additions to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that makes Fundamentals “right” for your organization:

  • Fund Accounting in all core Business Central modules
  • Allocations in all core Business Central modules
  • Purchase Orders with Encumbrances
  • Business Rules that help maintain your budgets and spending
  • Automated due to/due from transactions
  • Reporting and functionality improvements in General Ledger and Accounts Payable