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Managing Funds

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Setting Up Your Fund Card

The fund card is located in the Administration area of Fundamentals. As with all Fundamentals field labels, you can hover or click on them for a tooltip to describe the purpose of the field..

There are four tabs to the Fund Card:

  • GeneralThe General tab is to set up your fund for external reporting and to have a quick overview of the availability of money in your fund.
  • Restrictions & PostingThe purpose for this tab is to set up any restrictions you may have on your named fund and express donor wishes, the fund’s fiscal year end and how you would like to allocate the fund in general transactions within Business Central.
  • SourceThis tab is used to describe where your money is coming from in specific terms.
  • Audit – The Audit tab is to track who creates your funds and who last modified them. This helps you have a clear line from the source of your funds to the management of those funds.